Step into a realm of timeless elegance as we unveil the Corinthian Grand Ballroom, a distinguished 1924 landmark nestled in the heart of historic downtown San Jose. Beyond its mere existence as an event center, this neoclassic masterpiece transcends the ordinary, promising an extraordinary experience for every guest.

the corinthian grand ballroom

Architectural Marvel

The journey begins with a grand ascent up the broad granite steps, where the neoclassic design of the Corinthian Grand Ballroom leaves an indelible impression. The carefully preserved 1924 landmark sets the stage for an awe-inspiring experience, inviting guests into a space that seamlessly blends history with sophistication.

walking up the grand staircase at the corinthian

Majestic Features

Upon entering the Grand Ballroom, guests are greeted by majestic features that define true sophistication. The 50-foot ceiling, adorned with massive wood beams and alternating panes of blue glass, creates an enchanting atmosphere. Wrought-iron and glass lanterns hang like luminous earrings, while palm trees embedded with twinkle lights add a touch of sparkle. Every corner of the room, from the carved stone proscenium stage to the granite balcony, is meticulously designed for unforgettable moments.

inside the corinthian

Unforgettable Spaces

Banquettes along the sides offer cozy seating areas, creating intimate nooks for guests to enjoy the celebration. A raised section, thoughtfully designed for the head table, adds a touch of regality. The hardwood dance floor, permanently ensconced in front of the stage, beckons you and your loved ones to dance the night away.

grand entrance at the corinthian

Venue Details

  • Capacity: The Corinthian Grand Ballroom seats 300 for ceremonies and receptions, with a standing capacity of 700 for cocktail events.
  • Rental Fee: Our varied rental fees are based on the space reserved, and each reservation includes 5 hours of use, with additional hours available to ensure your event unfolds seamlessly.
  • Catering: Choose from our exquisite in-house catering options or explore the possibility of off-site catering to tailor your culinary experience to perfection.

Corinthian ballroom

Purposeful Celebration

The Corinthian Grand Ballroom isn’t just an event venue; it’s a portal to the extraordinary. Every detail, from the architectural marvel to the carefully curated spaces, is crafted to elevate your celebration to new heights. Whether you envision an intimate ceremony or a grand reception, the Corinthian Grand Ballroom stands ready to accommodate your dreams with timeless grace.

Ready to make history with your event? Contact us now to reserve your date and embark on a journey of sophistication and celebration at the Corinthian Grand Ballroom. Let’s redefine elegance together.